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What Could Juniper Do With £50,000?

The exact figure is still a little uncertain, but the reconvened Annual General meeting of March 24th revealed that the red-tape is now almost complete, and our accountancy argument with Southwark is almost resolved. When the relevant paperwork is signed, Juniper House Co-operative Ltd will have access to its reserve bank account, and be ablt to function on behalf of its members and the block as a whole, though not as a manager of the block.
This still leaves a wide range of creative and useful activities which Juniper residents could take part in and benefit from. Especially with a pot of over £50,ooo as a start-up fund.

Southwark formally suspended its Management Agreement with Juniper on 22nd April 2013, and the TMO is now under supervision. Several breaches were reported as reasons for this action.
This cannot be said to be a surprise to any with experience of the last ten years.
Negotiations are to take place over the future, and will no doubt cover many issues, but unless the core structural faults of the management-led model are addressed, and residents encouraged to participate in a practicable, rewarding way, there is unlikely to be any significant progress.
The alternative system, involving small specialist groups, is the only realistic option.
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