Juniper Youth




  • Simple drill and thread construction on scaffolding frame.
    Foundations in concrete.
    Height. 7' maximum.


  •  In part shade, in corner of western turfed area under dead willow tree, facing west.


  • Great Potential for community involvement in construction.
  • Double use as climbing structure.
  • Open walls allow basic level of supervision by block while creating flexible imagination space.
  • Very long lasting and hard wearing structure.


  • sleepers: 30x£20 approx.
  • scaffolding: £100
  • mesh: £200
  • fixings and other materials: £300
  • labour: £x

Total £1200 plus labour and equipment rental.



Sleepers,  scaffolding poles, climbing net, fixtures, concrete, surfacing.

Three-quarter view

Foundation View

 Front Elevation






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Summer Holidays 2008. Week 1.

Juniper children banned from making a den to play in by Juniper Management. After making several drawings and two models of different designs, and getting the Juniper contractors and other residents to agree to help, Sharon Costelloe, acting on her own initiative and without any authority, ordered them to stop.

She has not yet said what she will do if the people involved choose to disregard her. Presumably the usual form of vigilante action which has seen other initiatives destroyed by management. Sadly, this tendency to stifle play is now widespread. In one recent case in Birmingham, children were arrested and genetically sampled for climbing a tree and attempting to build a tree house.

The same Juniper children then decided to extend a school holiday journal project and conduct their own little survey of their neighbours, taking photographs when allowed. They negotiated help and materials from residents, asked their questions, and took photographs with permission An interesting project, with PowerPoint presentations, was due to be published here in due course.

Instead of seeing the invaluable benefits of such a game, and praising the imagination and energy it took to complete (in one day) management issued another of its proclamations, with the aid of Southwark officers, trying to intimidate its residents into inaction and silence. The result was a ridiculous letter distributed to most flats (but not JuniperHouse web HQ) urging residents to complain about this outrage. They also made sure that all residents are now aware of the existence of this site.

"Re: Juniper Website

'We have been advised that a small group of children who live on the block have been asking tenants and residents to complete a short questionnaire and have their photographs taken for the Juniper Web site.
Please Note
that Juniper House Co-op does not have an official website.'

Something which they are obviously very proud of.


In the meantime, the brains and resources of the London Borough of Southwark and Juniper House TMC have combined to make parents lives easier, and this school holiday one to remember, by placing two flyers in the noticeboards at the bottom of each staircase.
Management attitude to school holidays is that parents cannot expect any community support. They are on their own, and the co-op will only make itself known when it wants to stop kids from having fun. They can be as bored and frustrated and irritable as they want. The co-op will only take notice when there is trouble. and then the parents will be to blame, naturally.

Rob K,
8 Jul 2020, 03:36